Do You Drive Like a Guy or a Girl?

Your Driving Is is: 54% Male, 46% Female

According to studies, you drive both like a guy and a girl.This means you’re a pretty average driver, with typical quirks.

Occasionally you’re frustrated and or a little reckless, but that’s the exception – not the norm.

Kadamo and Domino

Tagged by Arlene. Sensiya na sis natagalan! hehehe 😉

“Dahil ikaw ay isang sertipikadong blogger, itinuturing kitang matalik kong “KADAMO”

Maraming salamat…


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I am tagging all my blogger friends.

I’m Back!

It’s been quite sometime since my last post here. My Bad! =( With the busy work schedule, I wasn’t able to update my 2 blogs and photoblog. I just hope I could find time to update them starting today! Good luck to me! =)


My officemate ask me to cover her daughter’s 2nd birthday party this coming sunday. Since she knew that I was into photography, she insisted and willing to pay for the services. Nahiya naman ako. hehehe! Now, it’s another challenge for me. I’m just afraid I won’t be able to deliver her expectations. Most of our officemates will be there as well as my agents. whew! I’ll bring Joshua with us (with hubby). Parang meron kaming instant anak e noh?! hehehe! =p

Apparently, aside from this children’s party, Rona (one of my closest officemates) ask if I can cover his son’s Christening this May 25. Waaah! Pressure ito. I know I’m still learning my craft it’s just that I’m worried baka hindi nila magustuhan kuha ko. Rain will be part of the ninongs and ninangs. I will be in charge of the photos. Again, most of our officemates will be there as well. Waaah!

We’ll goodluck to me! Hope I can do this. Panindigan na ito! =p 


Well, something happened to me this evening. May 1 – labor day, I got promoted. Hay! 😉 Another challenge to me I know. Another responsibility, commitment and work load! Thanks for all the support Lab. =p

The Men Hunt Tag

I’ve been tagged by Wanda from my other blog. I’d rather post it nalang here baka kase mabasa ni Rain. Masyado pa naman un seloso. hehehe!

1. Brandon Routh – sino ba ang hindi magkakagusto dito? My gulay! GWAPO! Grabe, when we were watching Superman Returns, I keep on whispering to Rain “ang gwapo nya”. Buti nalang hindi nagalit saken diba? Grabe sa GWAPO Promise!


2. Keanu Reeves – I noticed him from his movie, “A Walked In The Clouds”. Sobrang neat. I admire guys who have beautiful eyes. Ung tipong nangungusap. I also love his recent movie “The Lakehouse”. I even watched the movie for the Nth time.

Keanu Reeves

 3. Josh Hartnett – I love him from the movie “Wicker Park”. Grabe, his blue eyes were beautiful. Hay

josh hartnett

4. Channing Tatum – Hay! Love him from the movie “Step Up”. Galing sumayaw. Pero parang hindi bagay e. hehehe! Pero super dooper cutie.

 Channing Tatum

5. Tobey Maguire – He’s like a teeny bopper. Parang hindi tumatanda. Crush ko kase kamukha ng crush ko dati. hahaha! Shhhh….


Now, I’m tagging Cheche and Ann. (let me know kung you’re done na ha? so I can peak on your MEN. hehe!

Just 8

Tagged by Maeyo. Sorry sis ngayon lang ha?

Here are the rules:

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
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My 8 Random facts/habits:

1. I always procrastinate. I tend to do something na kailangan kong tapusin but I ended up doing something else. Ang gulo noh?

2. I’m a certified OC. That I can guarantee during preparation of my own wedding. Sa lahat ng details masyado kong binigyan ng pansin.

3. I hate paksiw. Kahit anong klaseng paksiw. Whether its pork or fish (lalo na). Amoy palang ayaw ko na. hehe!

4. Love potato chips. Kahit anong potato chips yan favorite ko hehe. Pringles, Potato Chips, Ridges, Lays named it. I love it.

5. I love music. I love music pero ayaw ng music saken. I played and teached piano during my college days. I love to sing pero ayaw ng boses ko e… Kaya mag-piano nalang daw ako. nyahahaha!

6. I’m a defensive driver. I learned how to drive when I was 14 years old. And (knock on wood) I haven’t been into an accident then. Thank God. My friends or even lahat ng nakakasakay saken sabi kaskasera daw ako. You can even hear me saying “bad words” pag ako nag-drive promise. Lahat ng mura nasasabi ko! Bad noh?

7. I love shoes & bags. Especially Lacoste and RL bags. I’m into quality bags. Ung tipong kahit mahal pero alam mong magtatagal. Kesa sa mura na after ilang gamit sira na.

8. I’m a multi-tasker. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Lahat tayo wants to save time and energy. I watched TV while listening to music while blogging while taking merienda etc. whew!

My 8 tags.

Erra (miss na kita sis), Wanda (meron pa ako utang syo na tag), Maanne (same may utang pa akong tag), Ivy, Jen, Jeanne, Nette, Heidi.